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Ben Folds Five

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Date de parution : 14/09/2012

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Alternative

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Dad i know you were sad when you died
And i was young its the way i kept you in my mind
The mess that was left and my mother cried
And when she stood up she was nobodys mother
Id be fine
But i missed you then
And i miss you now
Liked youd missed things i might say
Youre still lost in clouds but im older now
I can see through lifting haze
That you were away even when you were here
Sometimes a phrase or a manner thats you
Comes through me, it goes in a flash
Its a frame, its oblique like life
Oh and how much now should we pay for the past
Cause you could age with grace if i freed you in my mind
But i loved you then
And i love you now
All the things i wished id asked
When im lost in clouds
I remember how i was robbed and i was blessed
And you were away even when you were here
Cause its not about you, not you, anymore
Its about what id do with it all
And i, ill never let you let me down
This morning i wake to be older than you were
Fresh white snow for miles, every footstep will be mine
Youd have lost that weight, youd have gone so straight
Youd have made my wedding day
Youd have saved my youth from that bullet of truth
Youd have kept those wolves at bay
You were away, you were away even when you were here

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