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Eric Bellinger

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This gon' be your favourite song

(verse 1)
Yeah, why you still texting my mama?
You can let it go she ain't calling back
Why you still tryna start drama?
We ain't even together, where they do that at
Why you still calling my niggas bro?
I'm just tryna get to way it was befo'
Back in the day when you had you're own friends
Where them bitches at? you should go and hang with some of them

Cause this shit is just awkward
Girl this shit is just awkward
Baby you down't see me, hanging with your sister
Baby you down't see me, liking all her pictures
Baby you down't see me
So tell why everywhere i look i see you

(hook) (x2)
Girl this shit is just
Aaaaw, kwaard
Let it go, baby lig

(verse 2)
Girl i understand you're tryna get it poppin'
But just understand with me it ain't an option
And if you're tryna holla at someone i introduced you to, baby it's gon' be a problem
Cause they gon' chose us
Cause they know i'm that nigga
And my bank america account got six figures
Word to yg, my nigga, my nigga

(pre-hook) + (hook) (x2)

(verse 3: game)
You know i, you know i, you know i
You know i hate to break your heart like this
Plus we ain't start like this
We started up a maybach together
Used to lay back together
We go way back together
Don't know why you at my mama door
All in my dm's
All these niggas walking past you left and right
You don't see them?
We can't be friends, cause this the end
Let's make amends, instead of acting crazy
I recommend you see other men
It's other fish in the sea so take a swim
She tryna work it out, i told her save that for the gym
You're attitude's a 5, and this bitch i'm with's a 10
And i just brought a straitjacket for you so get in

(pre-hook) + (hook) (x2)

You should lig
Let it go baby
Cause you're looking crazy
Yeah you're looking crazy, girl

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