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Aww nah
They tryin to get involved
Girl stop playin let me break you off
She asked to hit my swisher
So i had to tell her "naw"
And she can't drank my liquor unless she takin off them draws'
Riding in my challanger
Rims by 4g auto
I'm looking for a star hoe
With an ass big as my tahoe
Walk off in the club
And ball like there is no tomorrow
I don't need your tweeter follow
I just need for you to swallow
She must think that i'm jokin
So i be more specific
Bitch i know this may sound ludacris to you
But let me hit it
I don't need your seven digits
I much rather that we kick it
You from out of town i dick you down whenever you visit
She asked to hit the weed
I'm playing my position
I told her if she bend ova and stay in that position
Then she asked me what i'm drinkin
I said patron and crystal head
She just tryin to get a drank
I'm just tryin to get some head
Chorus x2
(mr. bob marley)
Who this hoe thank she is
I do not know you girl
Matter of fact, fuck how you feel
Bitch damn near blew my buzz
No you can't blow my dro,
No you cant drink my drank
But if you drop it low down to the floor
I'll break the bank
Naw i'm just bullshitn
I never trick my dough
That's what you hoping for
Don't play me for no okie doke
Hoe check my resume
Grew up on ugk
Bend it ova let me see itbitch
Or get up out my way
I keep a attitude with my nigga attitude
Lookin for a bad bitch
To show a little gratitude
Yea you know what it is
You ain't with it, move around
There go bout 4 more right behind you
Waiting in line
Chorus x2
(2 chainz)
I'm from college park
Baby i'm a virgo,
I like wearin polo
Like my girls walking bobo,
I be snappin like a photo
When i'm riding in a 4 door,
I'm like muthafuck the popo,
Louis (lv) logo.
Name a young nigga gettin paid on a promo (me),
Take your main lady
And i bathe her in merlot (coat)
Fur coat, ring and a freezer,
My program propane,
You know the procedure
Had sex last night,
But i got me amnesia (damn)
Blame it on irene and kesha,
And if you want a swisher,
Ima tell you no,
I stack my money up,
Therefore my money top
You feel me?
Chorus x2