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Shy Glizzy

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Swish, i'm balling
I'm so awesome
Old bitch keep calling
She think i'm awesome
Jackboys wanna rob me
I'm so awesome
Out here like a possum
I'm so, i'm so awesome
I'm so fucking awesome, i'm so awesome
I'm so fucking awesome, i'm so awesome
I'm so fucking awesome, i'm so awesome
I'm so fucking awesome, i'm so awesome

(verse 1: shy glizzy)
Oh my fucking god, pull up in that, oh my gosh
You niggas so soft, get that arrow out your heart
You can be a boss or you can get a job
You do not go hard, you's a motherfucking fraud
Young jefe, i got boats you can sail away
Broke boy, you are not my friend, you need to get away
Call up my driver tell him scoop me in his escalate
Night sunday, bet 1000 bucks on tampa bay
Got a lot of spots like a motherfucking cheetah
All we do is trap, my ogs still got beepers
Bad little kitty momma took my ass to jeepers
Tryna get a ticket like no money in the meter


(verse 2: 2 chainz)
Cell phone ringing tryna blank it
In d.c getting money, dmv one hundred
Hair hanging down to my stomach
And i'm making play like deshaun
And i'm ballin' out like john wall
I just brought me a pound of gas
I'mma smoke joints till it's all gone
Okay awwsome, in a porsche eating lobster
2 chains on with crosses, lipstick stain on bosses
I ain't with the losses, the process is nonsense
Whip, sit in all set, might give her the sausage
Me and (?) talk down to liquor
Hit her with the dick, leave her with a beauty mark
She say we all the same, i say "bitch come hit this reefer"
She say that "i don't like them niggas", i say "i don't like 'em either"


(verse 3: a$ap rocky)
A$ap tatted on my belly like i'm makaveli
That peanut butter product probably why they acting jelly
You actin' petty, packin' daily cause my chain heavy
Flaco be in d.c. like i'm wayne perry
I beat that, speak that awwsome
She wanna have a foursome
She know more friends so call some
Call them often for the moresome
Exhaust 'em, boss 'em, toss 'em
Loss 'em like abortion
Window shopping notion
Wasted times important
Problems with it cost 'em
All you boys fugazy, i got hoes for days
My rugged lookin' j's bout as stainless as my braids
But i'm paid, shout glizzy
Dmv that's nyc, tx, la we talk logic
Get off my dick if you don't like this
Cause i'm like


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