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Cassidy verse- aw shit, its money on my damn mind like every damn day like all the damn time, and i be broke if i never wrote all them damn rhymes, cook coke had good smoke and sold all them damn dimes, my neck and my hand shine, my watch got so many rocks in the face i be late all damn time, and im the damn bomb bout to blow like a landmine, im paid in full like cam'ron on my damn grind, i got awards, rows full of clothes you can't find, cause i ball you just go in the mall and stand in line, the way you shoppin is childish get a stylist, a rapper aint talk this slick since chris wallace, im the king of rock, i never lived in hollace, but im in the kitchen whippin' 'till my finger get a callus, yeah i got what you need to hear(hair) like bald people all yall people know im fly like a bald eagle, aw shit

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