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Date de parution : 21/11/2010

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Alternative

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Where did you go axl rose?

Angel lives alone in east baltimore
Eviction notice stapled to her front door
Bleach-blond hair, fishnet pantyhose
God, she wishes it was 15 years ago

When buying her a drink meant anything
You wanted that night was alright
But through cocaine tears and 15 years
You know she sleeps alone tonight

Where did you go axl rose?

Ricky lives alone mother's basement
37 got nothing yet to show for it
Heavy metal man with his long hair
The top is gone but he's still rockin' the ponytail

All he's got now is post grunge apathy
He says the vines and the white stripes
Just don't get it for me and my friends
Take me back when

Where did you go axl rose?

Till one night at karaoke, ricky was kickin' out bon jovi
'dead or alive' i think it was
And right then angel fell in love
She knew they'd be together stuck in the past together

He don't care he's stuck in the '80s
She don't care she's stuck in the '80s
They don't care they're stuck in the '80s
We don't care we're stuck in the '80s

Where did you go axl rose?

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