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The doctrinator of the sexual arts
In nomine ashtaroth, et azazel, et nightfall introibo ad altare omnipotentis
Spiritum... a magnific altar of marble rest in state of katatonia a pure virgin,
Prepared to be deflorated by the master of the sexual atrocities, hail
Haagenti !!!

On the high satanic era, fullmoon, frozen night and a mist that get
Of acheron and your emperor, oh magnific, bathe the virgin with your
Semen and bring to the earth your carnal procreation of azim

Ave, azim

Scream and moans of pain, they're like the beauty demoniac symphony of
That will echoe around immensity, it's the eternal perversion that return
The father of levianic dogma; vampires, monsters and witches see a malignant
Penis covert the christ's face, the semen of immortality (for the look of
Duegears, for the forest of the night).

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