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Crimson Glory

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Date de parution : 01/09/1986

Durée : 0:05:38

Style : Heavy Metal

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Ever been in the hell before
Now i'm falling, falling
Heaven's behind the door
And they're calling me again

Hidden beyond the light
And the darkness finds me
Help me escape tonight
Ohh, i must find azrael

I am the darkness
Hiding within your mind
Walking beside you

I lock the gates to hell
I toll the final bell
I am forever

I am the blinding light
Probing the endless night
There's no escaping me

Ohh, wake in your darkest dreams
Go ahead and try to scream
No one can hear you now

Stare in the raven's eye
Your time has come to die
Welcome to my world

Stand at the end of space
Reach out to touch my face
I am omega, azrael

I hold the lion's mane
I come in crimson rain
Purging the dark sky

I am the master
Guide to your chosen fate
I am valhalla

Azrael, angel of mercy
Azrael, angel of mercy, yeah

Beware my eyes will find you
And see into your heart
And if you hold the evil
I'll rip you all apart

I'll cast your soul to satan
Die by holy fire
Rise and stand before me
Burning on the pyre, burn

Fly on the wings of glory
Burn in the depths of hell
Your life creates the doorway
Death holds the key

Azrael, angel of mercy
Azrael, angel of mercy
Azrael, angel of mercy
Azrael, angel of mercy, yeah

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