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I came from the gutter now i'm gunnin' for top
Burnin' ya shop - my beats blowin' up when it drop
Independently i rock when spittin' game
Remain gettin' change but the motto is still the same
B.a. got the ultimate brains breakin' the chains
Ordained in the gospel of rap - preachin' the facts
I'm black - bearin' witness to that - throw ya hands to the sky
My battle cry is high till the day that i day
I'm addicted to the rhyme 'cuz all the time i find
I'm rippin' lines and fuck that i'm goin' for mine
See i do it for the love - it ain't about the papes
The dollars that i make be the icing on the cake
Playas can't hate my game is bullet proof-
Songs droppin' bombs on america's youth
Burnin' ya suit - mash out the dollas and scoot
Droppin' it hot- but not sellin' out for tha loot

Verse 2
Now this is verse 2 let me keep shit clean
Hold up another minute you can see what i mean
Labels wanna play games its tha money that talk
I'm a bad muthafucka and i'm walkin' tha walk
Wanna promote this pop shit rap and rock shit
Fake thug rappin' on some fake as 'pac shit
Shame how the mainstream lacks a brainstream
On each radio yo ya hearing the same thing
Say they wanna sign then they decline
With lines that there ain't enough thug in tha rhyme
What a crime when you gotta preach killin to sell
I rebel - yo ya fake a&r and advance can go to hell
It's all swell back at the ranch indeed
Droppin' these beats for 'delph so i shall proceed
Might die for the prize so i'd damn sure bleed
No price on rippin' mics you can fuck ya greed

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