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Did you get the letter
That i sent you
Trying to remember what the letter said
After all the heartache you put me through
I need you like a hole in the head
Then i saw the little light was blinking
You left a message like an angel singing

Baby come back
Come back to me
I think i'm going crazy
Baby can't you see
That i love you
Oh, baby come back to me

Now how am i gonna keep that letter from you
How am i gonna take back all the things i said
Was i thinking when i cursed your mother
Signed the letter "wish you were dead"
Baby, tell me how i got so stupid
I've been shooting arrows back at cupid

Staking out
Your postman's route
Better take a bribe
Before i take him out
Take the letter back

Oh my darling
Baby come back
I miss you so
How could i have been so stupid just to let you go
Now my darling
I'm so sorry, i've been such a fool
And i want you back
Baby come back

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