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Drop 'n Harmony

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I know wassup
You been peepin out me
And if you really wanna know what be goin down then
Come and keep me company
Don't try to hide
How you gonna deny
How you gonna tell me that you don't want none of this
When i see it in your eyes
(say what, say what)

What, what
U gon' do if i, i
Step away from you, you
Baby go bye-bye
Nothin you can do
Nothin you can do
Baby go bye-bye

I'll call your bluff
Baby i'll play your game
But if you really wanna play then don't take too long
'cause you're burnin out the flame
When i had enough
It'll never be the same
You could never come back to this
See you had your chance
Yourself you have to blame
(say what, say what)

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