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Mark Owen

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Date de parution : 05/11/2003

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Pop

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I set out to wander
Up lonely man street
Where faith and devotion,
I would hopefully meet
I went there with nothing
Packed as light as i could
And you begged me to stay,
Though you knew,
Baby i'm no good
I'll love you forever
You'll stay in my heart
But all that i wanted
Was doomed from the start
I thought you could save me
Well if anyone could
But i knew that you knew all along
Baby i'm no good
Not once was i faithful,
I cheated and lied
I know that you loved me
But my hands, they were tied
I followed the voices
Like a weak man should
And i guess they were right about me,
Baby i'm no good
In the end when i've fallen
Face down in the rain
And you come back to ask me
What i lost, what i gained
I'd probably answer
I did all that i could
But it wasn't that much i'm afraid,
Baby i'm no good
No it wasn't that much i'm afraid
Baby i'm no good

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