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Baby its u
Oh yes
Its written on the wind
Oh yes it is
Ive got something u need
Oh yes i got it
All its in the way ure always
Hiding from the light
So fine and pretty baby
U make me feel so
Baby i say break on through to the other side

Ive lay down my tracks
4 once in my heart, oh yeah, oh girl
I know what i want,i know what i need
Baby, its in u

Ive lay down my tracks
4 once in my heart (x2)
Ure chance 4 happiness
The answer to my world
Baby, its in u

Theres,something that i must say out loud
Theres,i wasnt jealous before we met
Oh yes, it is

My love is a flame that burns in your name
U to be mine
Dont go wasting your emotion
I can ease of your pain
I only wanted to protect u, u
Ure the answer to my prayers.

Oh yes baby, yes
Were one and the same
Its written on the wind
Ive got something u need, baby
U so fine and pretty
Girl, com on,com on baby,
We got enjoy tonight long
I love you,com on

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