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(vocals performed by original singer wayne knupp. music & lyrics written by mike majewski)

Here i come
They call me
A beast like none before
I suck the abscess of dead infants
I want some more
I am baby killer
I kill pregnant sluts and whores!!

Splaying inside the womb
Red and wet i tear chunks from the pussy red and wet mangled unborn baby
Eat the meat dripping from filthy...
Cumstained, blood-soaked, rotten cunt infant skull exploding in my mouth
It's brain on the floor
I grab it's tongue and tear it out
Dead meat for me. i can't believe
How much this baby is bleeding
It's tiny stumps pours out more
Than it's dead mothers open sores
It's guts paint the floor
It's flesh i shall gorge.
It seems feasting on young infant flesh has made my semen leak.
I am aroused. fuck i'm crazy
I fuck the blood. i need meat on my cock.
No meat can satisfy me. i must spew my seed
Spunk flows throughout the mangled infant. now i'll chop it up
Chunks of guts fly as i stand with baby skin all over me
Forcing the blood-soaked gore unmercifully down my throat
Pieces of baby are lodged inside of me
Over and over i feast on it's death
It's all gone. i want some more
I turn to it's mother
Blood is still flowing strongly from her butchered pussy
I drink from her fountain, stench of menstrual gore
Gagging on chunks of sliced up pussy
I feel pressure....
Pushing in my brain
The force caves in my head
My eyes eject slowly
Where's my knife?
I plunge my knife in
Inside my head
My veins are seeping
Warm streams of red
My tongue tastes so horrid
I must swallow it
Gore taste so scrumptious
Enough to wash it down with piss.

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