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Foxy Brown

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Date de parution : 01/01/1999

Durée : 0:01:25

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Ey yo, who is this?

You ain't know me but i know you
This is fuckin' baby mother
Put yo man on the phone

Bitch, you heard me, this is fuckin' baby mother
Listen, what are you talkin' about y'all fuckin' groupies
What do y'all do? y'all just get together and plot shit like this
At four o' clock in the morning?

Yo, you fuck on it 'cuz your a fuckin' rapper bitch
Put my fuckin' baby father on the phone
Listen, listen, listen it's like four o' clock in the morning
Why don't you go wash your butt or something

What, what?
Bitch, wait i'ma fuck to see you catch you on us to do
Bitch, i'm a whoop dat ass
You mink wearin' bitch, so what you'd rather see a 600
When i see i'm take up all that ice

Yeah whatever, don't you have school tomorrow
You sound like a lil' ass girl
Look bitch, we don't know your bum ass
And a nigga ain't claiming nothin' that i have
Nice try, bitch

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