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Nicole Nirvana

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Baby move me me
Baby move me me
Baby move me me
Baby move me me
Baby move me me

Repeat chorus 1x

Verse 1

When i stepped up in the place
I seen that look all on his face
I know he think that i'm the one
But i'm only here for fun
I wanna dance to my favorite song
I wanna party all night long
If he don't dance with me on this floor
He's gonna get his self ignored


Verse 2

Looks like he's coming my way
I think he's about to make a play
See i want to be in his groove
Trying to see how he can move
Don't know why he waited so long
Either it feels right-or you know it is wrong
You got to dance with me before we get to the going home
It took so long the dj got to play another song


Move me

Repeat bridge


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