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Eric Ryan Elliott

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Verse 1.

When she sleeps at night
See i wake up
Just to look at her face
No makeup
When she open her eyes
I fall in a daze
Its like a love spell
Sometimes i love to hate
See the sex was amazing all good great
My favorite mate always on time never late
See she did anything for me
Did the same for her
Treated her like a princess not some whore
When i rub my fingers threw her hair
See i never wanted her gone just to stay right here
But sometimes things don't work out the way they should
See my only dreams is that i wish they would
(come back home baby)

Verse 2.

See we did everything for each other
3am trips to the store just to get some butter
My lover ya my one and only
This was true love no fake no phony
See this girl had style and some looks to kill
Its like she had a mouth full of diamonds
No grill
Always kept it real
She was just my type
Simple beautiful outgoing and chill
Always put up with anxiety at night
See that's a quality that's hard to find
Might of not been the model type
But that's alright
Her qualities on the inside
Were just right
(i love you baby)