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Date de parution : 06/05/2013

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Alternative

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My little baby,
Oh, little baby.

Baby, i know i told you
A million and more times that i, i love you so.
Baby, i want to be sure,
You know that i need you and i, i’ll never let you go.

Oh, little baby,
My little baby.

Baby, if you should want me
I’ll come when you call me,
Yes, i’ll be around.
Baby, don’t ever worry

As long as you need me you know i’ll never let you down.

I wanna be with you till the day i die
You always see me through, that’s the reason why, why.

Baby, i wanna hold you
So close to my heart that you, you can hear me say
Baby, tell me you love me
And make me a promise that you, you’ll never go away.

Oh, little baby,
My little baby.
Oh, little baby,
Oh, little baby.
Oh, little baby.

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