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Dj Quik

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Date de parution : 19/04/2011

Durée : 0:03:38

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Babylon, bealon bealon bealon bealon
The babylons are swarming. o damn
I lion in thought i keep my homies in thought. i keep my gram-mys in store i keep my slacks on the wall.
I got my gun on the medal with the steps fine and brittle and there's a statue of zuse next to my picture of jesus. we take on the guard on the settle take a battlely trip to the lala life in stada grab the handles wanna pit fist like stama shit fest like demma wanna smoke more demma we take it like a sunny california prom jess more than ever the book a david seems to make this more than ever. rain ward. we take money like we need bandenas yes i talk more shit than your mouth can handle. different fans slowing mercedes rolling from a to z.. with no regard and no loyars in the safea. quit give me the answers "your not relevant" and give me a chance to speak out the way i want to focus my entensions baby.

Babylon bealon bealon bealon bealon
The babylons are swarming. o damn x2

Yeah thats me and my home boy raising a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of cars at my hollen drive feelin tight yeah we feelin right threw the centrel la ally light not liike the south centeral la ally light be a mith take some meth why am i still relevant we maybe cause i'm elliquent well guess again. i got my way here from the new mexican fuckin smoke it. i flunt like sex in a virgin. i can break cement and i have better word play and i had it sence you were in grade school watchin the janitor vacummin. i got a good look all black hair and all off the wall fuck it im on my mic jack shit but that was head tight and now we rockin tight and now they got all the aid wrong fuck it right..

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