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Ace Hood

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Date de parution : 28/11/2011

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I got my back against the wall
And it feels like all the times before
The pass till the fall
But today i stand and fight this war
I got my back against the wall
I won't break, i won't break, i won't break
No, no, i won't fall
With my back against the wall

(verse 1)
Struggle in my eyes, guns in the stash
Heart full of pride, sunny days past
Monogram bags, louis v. tags
Money rule the world, i swear this shit is sad
But i will get over that, and i will get over this
See they remain to hate, but they'll get over it
And my mama told me
Yes she told me watch them friends you with
Should of listened to her, they manure wasn't worth a shit
But i'm too legit to quit, understand my arrogance
Hit them where it hurts, i'm miss him for shit
Back against the wall, but still i manage to ball
Success is on my line, but still i manage to call
I will never fall, that's my reply to all
He gave me everything, that skies apply to all
Soul of a beast, i'ma get them all
Many days of pumps, but still i'm standing tall


(verse 2)
Uh, and i'm sick of all you blood suckers
Feel like i'ma lose it in this motherfucker
Tell me where the booth at in this motherfucker
So i can burn this bitch down, fireman sucker
Too many days and sleepless nights
I toss and turn and wonder why
My money thoughts corrupted mind
But i guess that's just how i'm designed
Felt like i'm falling down, niggas timid to me all around
But i still remain a beast
Tell them come fuck with me now, i let you win the fight
While i'ma die for war, pride and my respect
I hope you die for yours, money then the power
Continue doing chores, a back against the wall
I penetrate a pause
I'm never looking back, because the destruction caused
Only know to win, you just check the score


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