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The Illusion A Sound Like Pink Floyd

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Date de parution : 06/07/2009

Durée : 0:04:18

Style : Rock

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I miss your skin
Where i slip away
I miss your eyes
Becoming so bad
I miss your body
When you hide in me
Almost like youre
Afraid of the dark
I miss those mornings
I found you lukewarm
And make me ill
Cant skim you

I lick my scars
Been far away from home
Thats why im disabled
To listen to you
Bring back to life
All the rest of your killings
A black and white earth
Its just a mad sphere
Clean this sun
That now is obscured
No cloud on my face
Im born again

Bring me back home
There is no more chance for me
Dont leave me in this cold dark
You know im more afraid than you

Dont ask me why
It happened so late
I just know i need you
In your every drop
Its like a pain
So little before
Explode in my soul
And stain me with blood
Its not the end
But the start of the world
The only one place
Were ever welcome

Bring me back home
Bring me my fears

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