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The Boyz

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Intro: we step in back back forth and forth
Get your buddy's on the floorbaby feel the groove inside
We step in back back forth and forth
Get your buddy's on the floor
Everything's gonna be alright
Back back forth and forth
Shake your buddy's down to the floor
Step in back back, forth in forthshake your buddy's all around
Come on let's get it on

Hey lady's we will let you know it's all about the 'boys
Come on throw your hands up to the sky
We got to make some noise
I here the drummer get wickedthe funky style we kick
So if you're ready to rock the party
With the boyz now here we go


All the fallows in the house
Just bring the flava to the floor
All the beauties keep on grooving
Cause you know you need much more
You need the bass to keep on moving
Nasty beats to let you flow
So feel the vibes inside your body
Lett the music in your soul


So this is who we roll all day every day
You know who's coming baby and we driving you crazy
We gonna rock this party right
We gonna rock this party quickly
And we will gonna have a good time


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