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All the city, chilling on the stoop in the future!
You said it space friend!
Boy i tell you, things these days move too fast
Makes me want to crack wise about how it was back in the day!
Yo' homeless robot! drop a stoopy ass beatbox!
Shit is not going well for homeless robot, two, three, four
Before a best-seller meant directors went interstellar
Before the impeccable smeller
Before they banned old yeller
In the wake of the presidential dog fucking scandal
When astronauts rocked the sports sandals
They didn't have expandable mandibles
And granules of jack daniels didn't heal the wounds of animals
When botanicals still weren't a biological weapon
In the war with the tarantulas!
Back in the day before time travel was easy-peasy
But now we go back and re-rap to make it sound repeaty!
Back in the day before time travel was easy-peasy-
Back in the day before time travel was easy-peasy
Now we change history like the feat is measly!
Sarcs these days don't know how good they have it!
We used to have plutonium in our jet-packet
We had to take the super two before it had hyperdrive
Make me wanna holler! ha!
But we're still alive!
You tell em gorgon!
Thanks gorgon!
Can you guys spare some ??
Absolutely not!
Get a job, robot!
Can i crash at your place tonight?
You trash can!
Get out of here you hunk of junk!
Can i crash at your place tonight?
No, get out of here!
Take it on the road ??
Sorry, sorry, overstepped my bounds, it's cool, don't worry about me
Talk about a malfunction!
You old hunk of junk!

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