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The Busboys

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Weve been waitin for a long time
yes, weve been waitin for a long, longtime
weve been waitin for a long time
but we aint gonna wait no more
were getting ready to rock & roll
were gonna- 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3!
verse 1:
well, theres a reason everybody should be shakin in the house tonight
and you should grab your favorite lady and promise her youll do it right.
tell fat jack to jump back and give you a shot of some booze
so you can party to some stomp-down, butt-bumpin, rock & roll, rhythm & blues.
cause the boys are back in town.

the boys are back in town
i know that everybody when they hear the music will be doin it on the floor
jump up and down they turn around and tell the band to play some more
cause tonight you can dance and romance and do anything you feel like doin
but dont look surprised cause you know what i like and tonight we ought to do it
oh, yeah.
(verse 1)
yeah! yeah! yeah!
the boys are back in town.
and when the boys are back,
there aint no foolin around!