Paroles de Back in your arms

Bruce Springsteen

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Date de parution : 10/11/1998

Durée : 0:04:34

Style : Rock

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In my dream our love was lost, i lived by luck and fate
I carried you inside of me, prayed it wouldn't be too late
Now i'm standin' on this empty road where nothin' moves but the wind

Once i was your treasure and i saw your face in every star
But the promises we make at night, oh that's all they are
Unless we fill them with faith and love they're empty as the howlin' wind
And honey i just wanna be back in your arms
Back in your arms again

You came to me with love and kindness
But all my life i've been a prisoner of my own blindness
I met you with indifference and i don't know why
Now i wake from my dream, i wake from my dream to this world
Where all is shadow and darkness and (omit "a") above me a dark sky unfurls
And all the love i've thrown away and lost i'm longin' for again
Now darlin' i just wanna be back in your arms

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