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Jamie Stevens

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Words and music by jamie stevens and rodney ronquillo

You say as if to criticize
All my life's a compromise
Since you hardly know of me
So, just don't talk

It seems you diss me all the time
Just as if i were dumb or blind
Now i see things clearer so
You better stand back

I've learned that my life was made for me
I don't expect you to see the way i see

(back off) you think you're always right
(back off) don't think you'll understand
As if you'll never know
You left me dry with no helping hand
(back off) this track will grab you tight
(back off) and knock between your eyes
You need to learn a thing or two a thing about me and life
A thing about you

There's no room for common ground
Everytime you stick around
All i wanted was some peace of mind
To be so kind

Even in my darkest days
You just seem to want your way
I won't take this anymore
So, this i'll say

I've learned that my life was made for me
Don't expect you to see the way i see

Repeat chorus

I just want some peace of mind
Let me be so i could find
All the pieces on the floor
All of me when you slammed that door

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