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Yo i'm back on the scene
There was a flaw with the system
I spoke the profane gospel
One day you will listen
So tell me (who the baddest)
(who the realest)
Who lyrically murders the music?
Yo, i'm back on the scene...

Throw me off in a duffel bag
Call me mad hatter
Pullin the grip and empty the clip
Until ya brains splatter
I got a milion paint buckets full of brain matter
Shattering the vernaculars
Of a lyrical rap battle
Everybody wanna talk about me
But ain't nobody wanna be about me
Flex on a killa
Write a will about me
Throw it off in a track
Betta ask about me
12 months, off in this rap game
The prodigy
Rising up out of the ground
So follow me
Raise up, put your knucks to the skies
Ball your fist up
And chant with me
It's all lies!!
I'm the lyrical beast
I'm back for next round
Hit the chimes
Witness my lyrical death spell

Call me the fallen angel
But atleast i still got grace
I stand it toe to toe with jesus
In a mosh pit waiting
People call me lavey
Fuck the hate, i don't retaliate
I'm just a luciferian
Representing his faith
Fuck the glamour and fiends
I'm not a pawn off in your grand scheme
Lluminati, the front page of the magazine
I been labeled this domestic threat
Strappin the vest on my chest
Fuck the feds and all the rest of these
Punk motherfuckers
Who talkin shit when they fall out
If you asking, then you probably who i'm talking about
Put the barrel to your mouth
Light it up for the next round
Martial law ain't got shit up
On this wicked sound

Fuck a gridlock
And then fuck 2 chainz
I say it wit my chest out
Killa fuck lil wayne
Meet the dopest rapper alive
To ever hit the stage
Saying fuck money
Put it to charity
Rearranging the industry
For the fans wit no food in they stomach
Shit i struggle just to keep it 100
So keep running
I'm right behind you
I'm the wind at yo back
Thanks to all of you, i'm finally back

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