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Tata Young

pochette album Back outta this
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Date de parution : 21/08/2006

Durée : 0:03:29

Style : Pop

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I got a habit of driving too fast
Guess that's why we've already started to run outta gas
It's time i do you a favor ... throw it in reverse
It's better to cash than to burn ... when will i learn?

I made a big mistake, i wanna get out but
You're standing in my way, you gotta move so i can...

Back back back outta this
Without running you over
Back back back outta this
Will it help if i go slower?
Gotta back back outta this
Without running you over
But, oh, uh, oh
If i break up will i break ya, oh
Don't wanna run you over

I never go anywhere without a plan
Gotta know the ways get out if it gets outta hand
I made some promises i'd like to keep but i can't
That's not the girl that i am ...not who i am



We're in over your head
How can i make this
Green light turn red ...oh yeah
You should know... it's hurtin' me too
Gotta be a way to make this easier on you
Just what can i do ... to

(chorus x2)

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