Paroles de Back roads

Brandon Rhyder

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Date de parution : 21/08/2007

Durée : 0:08:03

Style : Country

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Verse 1
The back roads of this county
Cross like the laces on my boots
And ive been running em down
Since i was able to
I left home at nineteen,
Swore i was never coming back
Nights like this i wish
Thats where i was at
Slow pokin down a blacktop, cutting tires on the white rock
Theres a party on a dead end road
Were just hoping that the cops dont show
Somebody is looking for a fight
Its gonna be that kind of night
When i get too far from home
I go find me a back road
Verse 2
I remember the summer, that i turned sixteen
I made out with a girl, in the back of her hatchback chevrolet
And i drank my first beer, on the louisiana state line
My first night to see the other side
I heard em tell me, son dont forget where you came from
And i never have, and i still like to beat that drum
From the river bottoms, to the tall pine trees
It will forever be right here inside of me

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