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Steve Azar

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Date de parution : 04/08/2009

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Country

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When you've done all you need to do
And you've had more trouble than you can use
And you've painted every road that you can find

When you've seen the sun set coast to coast
And the rise and the fall and the highs and the lows
And you're at the point where you know you're wasting time

Baby, think about this when you need a little tenderness

Come on back to memphis
Come on back to memphis

When you arrived in california
Don't say that i didn't warn you
How you might be treated while you're there

When you walk the streets of new york
And it hurt your feet and you knocked on doors
And you realized that sometimes no one cares

There's no reason to regret if you feel that emptiness

Just come on back to memphis
Come on back to memphis

Your memory runs deep as these waters
Under a bridge where we drink
And all of the times that we borrow
They're still here, you and me

When you've held on all you can hold
And you can't tell what you've been told
And every step you take seems out of place

If you need somewhere to rest
You're just looking for a little more of less

Come on back to memphis
Come on back to memphis

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