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Total Chaos

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Date de parution : 26/07/2008

Durée : 0:03:3

Style : Alternative

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I'm sick and tired of punk metal crap
Can't you see that's not where i'm at

I've just gone through a timewarp, i say

I'm going back to my roots today

I'm never losing, but you know i'm always boozing

Thinking about the fun of the good old days

Standing on the corner, where nothing would

Bore us, listening to the pistols on a summer day

Going back to our roots, and starting again
We're not gonna be a part of no crossover trend
We're going back to our roots, and starting again

Now we're back to our roots again

I'm not going to be no dogs trend

I keep on being myself today
And no ones going to lead me astray

I'll keep singing, when the band

Keeps on jamming to the roots of the good old days

Rockin on the corner, when punk never
Bored us, living a destructive life from day to day

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