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Banda Black Rio

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A lot of people struggling and make a holdin' on by the spirit they took
I'm living proof, let me tell you the truth
Ain't no body bullet-proof, head shots just faded
Growing up in the navel of the beast, guns sprayed
Nothing seems to have made me, especially in the 80's
That's when crack-cocaine went crazy, i was a part of the struggle
Like a starter kid,my revolver spit,fuck!
About solving things to be the way

Even fist fight let it slide or pop the heat,ain't nobody stopping me (nobody!)
My philosophy,over-achieving is seen through fresh property
It's something like photography,take a picture cuz this might be the last time
You see a g nigga cross state lines,daily that won't be complete
Till i check-check every,catch me in my zone overseas
How we do this for ease,detect the (?)
So-so many (?),that the retire free
On my mark,nigga !

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