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Summer is here, the ocean is clear, i got some beer and i'm out on the pier
Stars look down on sleepy town, distant shimmering of a faint sundown
Silent heart will refuse to pound, what would i need to turn around?
Someday, sometime, i will return
I turned my back long ago, discontent with what i did know
Stale water from melting snow, someday, sometime, i'll come around

Turn me around, i wanna turn myself around just to get back
Turn time around, i wanna turn my time around to get back
To the start

... a new false start, an open vein for silent heart
Paint that sky with clouds and birds, still that sound that can be heard

Someday, sometime, i will return
I turned my back to sleepy town not to drown in the seaweed night
Now i hear the same sad sound in the pulse of the city lights
Someday, sometime, i'll come around (repeat chorus)
Wake up at noon, get a few brews, meet with the lads and go to the beach
Long after dark, fly to my girl, those were the days, so out of reach

(repeat chorus)

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