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Regardless Devon Victory

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Fail wrong to me - hoping that - a muthafucking - will be your friend - but you are fucked up - hope that they let you be a human - but fuck them - you are messed up - im so fucked-
Verse 1:
Reaching for my off day - for long play - just out of school - holding tools - for the consume - as i walk past my mom and hit the room - you niggas fucking with some underground shit that you want do - messed up for the after party - but wait until i catch yo - bitch ass at the house party - some times i used to jack my dick in the school bathroom - fill up girls, hoes and tramps, up in the classroom - you fucking with a world wide ethic - niggas really go threw shit.
Verse 2:
Teen clubs up in the bitch with 28 year olds- which rode you gone hold - then fold in the after effect - im gone get me some sex - you a bitch - and i can see by the passion of your neck - but for respect - checker piece blew you - the new you - that you won't become - you just sprung - ring then the muthafucking bitch love to talk to me on the phone - while im at my home - peeping house files - you niggas gone lie to my face, then im gone beat you down.
Verse 3:
Witnessing the colorful - block then spot - on the front - of the yester- now this bester - for my mental - where i used to go simple - but never reunite - with a old bitch though - holding hands - in the past like i missed those - now in the centerfold- you bitch ass niggas is some fags - we didnt have any fags running around our high school halls - but i can see about yall's - watch when we ball - strictly internet - people that can hear this song - this threat - fuck hdj - i got something for you -
Verse 4:
And i aint gone play - you fucking around with hdj- you wanna be the realest - but you aint - but you can't
Verse 4 rap:
Now in the posterior - you just caught in the beings and then still follow - for the mail man tomorrow - then borrow - caught you like a slipping bottle - know you dont like to dress up , cause you gone look gay when you try to model - watch how these muthafucking shells hit your breast plate - now on my new date- you just traveling - lets go-

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