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Paper Tigers

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Date de parution : 05/11/2012

Durée : 0:04:19

Style : Pop

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Theres wolves again at your door,
Draped in gold like urges
Kept me so warm
To prove its what youd become
They say that ill be waiting for, waiting for you.
To tear this apart.

Back to you,
Means smaller steps and single words,
But oh weve got to do it whoa.
Tell me did you really just say that?
You know im more than happy to wait
Torn in two minds to live a lie
Rest assured.

Tell me what youre looking for,
There's charm astuteness, rest assured
Rest assured-
Theres more than glitter running through these veins

This is a lock-down lock-down.
In beat with every single heartbeat and sound
Dont change your mind.
Can we get out, can we get out
Let these fingertips search inches and more
Tell me what youre looking for,
Tell me what youre looking for
Left in the dark
Ive been waiting for waiting for you.
To tear this apart,
Lights lead me astray to get to you,
To tear this apart
I cant do this all alone
To tear this apart.

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