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The Hours

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I told you everyone's the same
And it's no use,
It's no use laying all the blame
At my door, that won't work no more,
I've heard it all before and i,
I see you now, you have changed somehow
And i wish i knew you back then,
Back when you were good.

I know you better than you know yourself
It's no use, you can't buy a new life off the shelf,
It won't set you free, you're not fooling me,

It's so sad to see how you've changed your tune
And it don't ring true,
You're like a vampire, you suck everybody's blood.

When you were good you used to be so alive,
You burned so bright your star shone out in the sky,
You had it all right in the palm of your hand
Then let it fall like a million grains of sand,
You went away to a place where nobody knew just who you are,
And there's no one to answer to,
No one to question the person you have become,
Oh what have you done,
Yeah you have gone to hide somewhere.

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