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Princess Superstar

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Date de parution : 29/01/2002

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Rock

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Okay hunnie, now the name of the resterant and
My cell phone number are on the referigerator.
(uh huh) don't be afraid to call if you need
Anything. now have josh in bed by 9 (uh huh) 9-30
The latest (sure) now there's soda and chips in
The kitchen(hah, right) tary, dvd player and i think
There's some board games in the closet. (uh huh, right)
Oh and one more thing, be good! (okay!!)

I'm a bad babysiter, got my boyfriend in the showa.
Woot! i'm makin' 6 bucks an hour. i'm a bad babysitter
Got my boyfriend in the shower. woot! i'm makin' 6 bucks
An hour.

Babysitting sucks! but whatever, they got junk food, kung foo,
Egg foo. dig dug, a dog too and a hot jew. mr wild child, i mean
He's old but not duh-duh. if i'm bad, out time in the corner
For time out. a'aight josh, what'ch ya wanna do? ya wanna watch
Cartoons? hbo got blue tune. (whine) hey! get back in the room.
I assume your folks are gonna be out late, go make me coolaid. ima
Sit on your couch and masterbate then call up my boyfriend
And see if he ate. spit out my bubba-licious ...(don't know these
2 lines) .... finish the diches, bitch! let's try on your mom's minx,
Think she'll miss these chenelle linx and these high heels?
She looked like da-da binx. go play under the sink. (i want my mommy)
I want your daddy as well, but if ya tell you'll die sick so n' god
Told me your going straight to hell. well, if you don't like it i can
Leave then you'll be alone, believe me that's what the creepy monsters want, plus i'll be takin' your tv. (no) put your jamas and don't wet the bed, i got a camera, i'll take picture and show that little girl you like, sarah!!! oh and one more thing, there's been several masked murderers spotted in the area. (ch-ch)


Let's make fluffin utters, don't fucking mutter another peep or i'll
Take the cookie cutta and make star cookies under your skin
While you sleep. keep still, i gotta check the bathroom counter.
Hey, what are these pills? i'll take the value josh you take a
Bag of antegements. stop throwin up, i'm not paid enough,
You clean the rugs. i fluff, i told you 6 bags of home made
Jello was too much. aight kid, you gotta go to bed. i know it's
Only 6 but my boy just came over, and he wants me to give
Him head. sit his bear asss on the couch while he watch small wonders
Next time he see vicky the spot'll be sticky 'cause i sucked his dick
He used your moms cucumba! don't worry i'll put it back
In the refrigerator, scared? you can have it for suppa, nice and
Crisp in the tuppa wear! no bed time story geel, get off me your so
Horny. josh, get in bed and freddie cougar might let ya see your
Mom in tha mornin'. no porn and get shit shakin! one day you'll
Know how nice it is to get laid while your gettin' paid!


Oh daddy just came back! jeez, mr w. your wife looks bad.
(oh must of been the drinks she had. we drank some mata's,
Wat-cha-la's, ripped her off thigh high.) woah! too much infor-
Mation! i need a ride. let's take the benz(that's the collest
Car-i ever seen) how old are you again, 19?? (laugh) hah, yeah,
Sike! in like 4 more years. (oh one time could you please show
Me some of those nice cheers?) (whooo) have you been working
Out? (burnt out, here's your house) you wanna come in, we just
Got this awesome new couch. ouch! (stop it girl!)
Can't i get a little peek? (naw girl, i'll take a
Rain check and see ya next week)

(chorus til fade)

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