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Date de parution : 01/06/2009

Durée : 0:04:19

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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You can catch him sittin knowing that hes sinning
But knowing sinning gon give him what hes always missing
He starts to bill a spliff and slowing taking out the seeds
Slowing calculating how to perculate them ps
Hes made a couple gs selling weed and selling es
And to get it selling these he certainly moves neat
He rides his moped round the whole ends from dusk till dawn
Hes got the weed head a pills heads lighting up his phone
Hes got a ratchet that he loves to flick open and close
Hoping one day that its gonna buss somebody clothes
Nobody really understands him nobody knows whats in his heart cause it never shows yo
Hes got a dead beat dad, that beats his mum real bad
His mum sits home all day drinking and smoking fags
His mum said he aint shit probably do jail time and thats if he makes it to 25

Bad boy hes a bad boy

Catch him laying on his back getting head from cat listening to new rap like 50 and that
Word for word reciting like hes the real writer
Or shadow boxing in the mirror like a real fighter
The reason hes hurt is now lost like a lighter
The pain in his heart gets him drunk as mother yo
He gets another call then puts it in his balls
He passes the poster of 2pac on his bedroom wall
He dont really stop and cotch with the man dem
He said them man are waste man them man are loose cannons cause
They got the rebors hes got the real ting
He got the 38 with the grip and the case to put it in
Hed kill for his kicks or his whips or his friends
Hed kill for his dad even though he hates him
Hed kill for the reason of killing cause killings in
And hed kill if opportunity rings


See his priorities are messed up, if he doesnt realise that then his luckll be up
Cause he wants to be remembered like tony montana
But hes forgetting that hell end up dead like tony montana
Life is a game and hes playing to lose he aint knowing the rules thinking they dont apply to him
But its love yea and its the love that will keep him
Keep him filled to the brim although hes living in sin
His mind believes hes a product of the things hes sees
Nobody told him hes a free as the air he breathes
As simply as it sounds this is history he aint the first and he wont be the last
Cause ive seen a few going nowhere fast yea
Ive seen a few going nowhere fast
A life upraised is a life unsure always looking for help but expecting closed doors that why hes


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