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Lene Nystrøm

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Fall out the wrong side of the bed
And think
"maybe i am just filling space"
The colours don't brighten
The feeling
It's dark...
It's just one of them days

The radio's playing a long
Song now
But it still sounds out of key
'cause the radios playing a long song now,
And i really don't care, i really
Don't mind
It's just a bad coffee day

I don't mean to sound melancholy
I just dip in the mood from time
To time
The sweet distast will pass
Don't worry
I guess tomorrow i'll be fine
The radio's...

Repeat chorus

I wanna break out
I wanna be free
Control my mind
But my mind controls me
So i'll just give in
I won't see a soul for the day
It's dirt in on the skin
I'll go back to bed and then wake
Up again

Oh! i'll just give in
Just let it have it's own way

Repeat chorus

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