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Zak Laughed

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Date de parution : 31/08/2009

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Alternative

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Bad cough

I'm stuck in the boring city
There's just a little river
Yes i'm stuck in okerville
I'd like to be happier

The piano guy plays out in the rain
He's unfortunate and sings his pain

And me i'm a stupid dreamer
I'm substitute traveller
And i could sing the dirty dirty blues
But i have a bad cough

I live in the heart of the wood
And everyday i think about the howard's mood
Guitars,violin,cithare and piano
I have thirty three instruments
I'm not a hobo
But they are in the basement

The blues man plays in the trees
He sings me some lullabies

And me i'd like sing with him
With my voice of a crooner
We could have some dreams
And also some nightmares
We could sleep on my roof
But i have a bad cough

The moon is filled
The mood is bad
I think about billy
And i'm little sad

The moon is filled
The mood is bad
Yes,i'm sleeping on my roof tonight
And i'd like to sing the blues
But i have a bad cough

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