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Verse 1 (dayron)

Bad bad decision
Bad decisions, uh
Fuck around, fuck around make a bad decision,
Uh, bad bad...

I'm on that camaro, that american muscle shit, i'm in the hood flexin' (uh)
Met a slim chick studyin' to be a stylist, i had her undressin' (uh)
I failed to go to college, i'm a dropout, i guess i never learned my lesson, (damn)
Now i'm out here (outchea), and as the hate greatens my fucks just lessen,
Be real with yourself man your living a lie, i'll meet you in hell, where our souls will fry,
And this depression got me guzzling henny like "fuck it i aint gonna die",
Bad decisions been steering my life, pray i don't crash with all of this drive,
If you seen that she left with me i gave her that sex drive she crashed on the couch pussy didn't survive,
I came to eat i'm on feast mode, don't become the prey i'm on beast mode,
This aint a game but if it was a game i aint playing fair, cheat codes,
I'm on track to the money got tunnel vision, don't knock me off boy bad decision,
Know a few doctors in my hood nigga that aint saving lives when they make incisions,
Execute these outfits with such precision don't talk to me unless there's commission,
I see you lil' niggas taking shots, but i'm teflon to that ammunition,
My consequences to my bad decisions, i seen it coming like a premonition,
I'm gotti godly, hova taught me, uncontrollable hustlers ambition. uh.

Verse 2 (fame)

Bad decisions, uh uh uh,
We making bad decisions, uh uh uh
With my whole team, we winning,
Uh uh uh, with my whole team, we're winning,
You don't wanna make a bad decision you making bad decisions,
Uh fuckin 'round with me boy you making bad decisions,
Uhhhh fuckin 'round with me boy you making bad decisions, uh,
(snicker) rarri cobain nigga. phly high.

This shit light, i aint even trying no frontin',
Niggas say they running this shit huhh mother fucker must be high off somethin' (boy you trippin')
Heard your last shit when it dropped, played one song turned it off like "uh-uh."
Man that shit weak crushing weed on your cd while mike split the bud up,
I aint playing with the come up got to this shit, now a nigga movie rich, they should know i do this shit,
Couple gold chains on that slick rick ruler shit, got pretty bitches coming out the pool and shit, take a picture,
And we been getting money what's new? (what's new?) shit probably new to you,
My daddy was a hustler and he passed it to a nigga had my first whip like in '02,
Ridin' 'round four-deuce, (vroom) niggas love the kid like wooo,
We been on it for a minute when they say who on the come-up uuuuuuuummm i don't ever hear you (i don't ever hear you),
If you aint got it you aint got it (nah), man that's just what it is nothing really else about it,
Wish i could take it back to when i started,
Living room, mic stand, o loading up the logic. got damn.

Verse 3 (chris g.)

Bad decisions, bad bad deci—
Bad decisions, bad bad
Bad decisions, bad bad
Bad decisions, fuck around, fuck around, uh...
Bad bad—yeah...

Uh. i'm a beast, and on these tracks these niggas know how i do,
I'm all about that paper boy, but nah homie i don't work for the news,
I'm doing my thang—straight, getting that change sippin' that lean,
Smoking that weed, floating up high, can you see me wings?
Ha, i'm fly. you say you are that's a lie,
I promise to be a real nigga, yeah cross my heart hope to die,
I can't see all of you broke niggas with this money all in my eyes,
And if these haters want beef, then i guess its time to get fried,
Niggas always want a piece when you getting chicken, then they feel some type of way when they don't get it,
Niggas wanna come through and eat your whole plate, then they got the nerve to go and leave you all the dishes,
Oh no they done got me for the wrong nigga, rest in peace tee shirt with your picture,
New niggas out here making bad decisions, out here trying to wife all my old bitches, good luck,
Nigga trust me you gon' need it, type of nigga to get head while i'm getting weeded,
Even if i'm on paper you can't read me, even if i'm on tv you can't see me,
Best believe i'm going hard until the day i say i made it, when im sipping hennessy the only time a nigga faded,
If it cost to be the boss well then i guess i got to pay it, if you trynna fuck around? aint even gotta say it,
You should know that it's a bad decision...
Uh... mile heights....yeah...g....

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