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I seen good girls turn bad, for the love of that cash
Use to ride in impala, now 2 hundred all in my dash
And i done came up so fast, shorty came up too
Put her on my team now we fucked the game up too
Now my good girl my bad bitch, i came up ain't had shit
Them porches and horses, got a new horse and carriage
And i'm married to the paper, strong bond can't break us
Your girlfriend said this and that, but they want to diss so they haters shorty


Now you missing my love, missing, missing my love
Ooh, boy you know you messed up
No more good girl, can a girl takeover, i ain't going back
Baby i'm a soldier
No more good girl, bad girl takeover,
No more good girl, its a bad girl takeover

Just ivy verse:
Since you took my love you've been on the run
And i'm going numb, baby you're so dumb
Don't it seem like good girls never have no fun
Tried to be good for ya, you were the only one

Hook x1

(bridge) dj khaled:
No love get money, yeah, get money
It was all good till i had my heart stomped
Can't fall for the ookie dok

Meek mill verse:

And don't get caught up in the hype, caught up in the lights
I taught ya how to ride, daddy daughter with a bike and
You was by my side, from the morning till the night
Through the up and down's you left,
And we was unto something right,
And they say when a good girl gone, she gone forever
And you like a lost homie i should mourn forever
Through the storm whatever, rain, sleet, hell, snow
And i just want to stick together, me you velcro, go

Hook x1 (just ivy)

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