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Dana, you my sweet old baby i love, danny,
You're the man one one can stop
You from. you know, it happened last night never
To end you where where the big boy i was the bad girl
Oh,bad girl bad,oh hohoho oh bad girls,bring
Your elibys,not the be seen agein no...

Wash the sea agein,never to be
Seen agein,we where,beter then the world
The big girls took are place from us,no
We did not servive agein.we left agein.
If you.dont hear us.we'll shout,bad
Girls, the shore. had good merorys.
But thats over now see what you can do now

Save me.big girls tackle me.not to
Make a sceanary.but big girls are
The thats not what this is
About,you all called,join us.we will
Not sickseed or plant are seed's but
We are tired of weed.
Big girls,tiny inocent girls
Bad girls,make the sceanary.
Bad girls,sweet and inocent.
We rock dont regret it yea oh .
Make a sceanary dont leave the sentry!.

Next gen it'll be like the bad girls
Are earth
Next gen, we will eiliby,nonono not the big girls
We are strong and tough.thay are like a musem
Look at them you get bored of'em
Cya later,we got more to do then big girls,thay work
We make a scean
Thay wait,we cant take it any more.bad girls... next gen, cya later girls...

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