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Verse 1:
My intentions for the night were simple
Get up on the spot, yup, be in my crew
Slash me up a lil' girl now i'm gonna make it two
I pose on the wall st-st-staring at you
In was on the way to the back when i seen you
Yeah i said i seen you
Shawty i seen you
Yeah man doin' back ___ on the floor
Showin' all the how low she can go, yeah

Pre chorus:
No waiting where you wanna, she just buyin'
I gotta pay it for her, she my type
Spend a couple grand on her, i just might
And bet she'll be mine by the end of the night

All the bad girls in the world, she the baddest
_____ make her my girl
I said ______ make her my girl
All the bad girls in the world

Now watch it how she drop (ey), drop (ey), yeah (x3)
All the bad girls in the world

Verse 2:
So we back up in the vip
Surrounded by the girlies, all drinks on me
Couple bottles of the best, all eyes can see
Bet she suck 'em like a model, yes she probably might be (maybe)
Saw her from the side she got nice curves
Yeah i like nice curves
Damn look at them curves
Now one of these girls got a body like hers
Take her home to my momma
Yeah that's my word

Pre chorus


Callin' all the girls, callin' all the girls, callin' all the girls in the world (x2)

Now go ahead drop, drop, drop
Go and drop, drop, drop
Real girls get down on the floor (x2)