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Uhh, uhh
If im gonna rob, ima rob all night
If im lookin for somethin its probably a fight
If im goin fuck bitches then they better be tight
If thats dead, then the head better be right
If i gots to play ima play til i win
Since i gots to be here cant wait to begin
Wanna fuck shorty cant stand shorty friend
Cause honey friend fuck many many men
Stay wit the rats cause the rats is real
Wanna fuck, then we fuck, already know the deal
Shit, fuck what you look like, just show the real
And i keep a spot that we can go to chill
I love my, get down for the hoes
Only reason i come around is for the hoes
Pipework - i lay it down for the hoes
Hit em off with that dark brown, you know?

Watch me clown
Give me loving when i'm high
I'ma outlaw baby i'll be thugging 'till i die
In drop-top double r
Life as a rap star
Hustle like a crack fiend
'till they catch me
Go ask somebody to your show
Watch them niggas out the sight of mah night scope
Cooking white dope
Got mah nigga 25 to life stretched out
Trying to have all the better things in life
Well makaveli
A born leader 10 millimeter
Changing niggas future like a schizophrenic palm reader
Heeds from out the bible i read
See the meek shall inherit the earth
And the strong will lead
Hittin' weed like it alright
I'm in the studio
Making music all night
My enemies cry whenever i rise
They hated 'till death
Try to beat me out my last breath
What cha gonna do?

Uhh, uhh
What you niggaz want? cause i got it right here
Yall niggaz front, then i hit you right there
Not really impressed by what niggaz wear
Faggots talk shit but i really dont care
Im the type of nigga thatll die for the cause
Fuck what you heard, i will die for my dogs
Aint scared of shit - will ride in the fog
Same thing but a bigger size than yours
I fuck with drag-on, cause he spits the flame
Drag-on motherfucker dont forget the name
And we all takin over aint shit the same
If you aint out that mob nigga quit the game

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