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Silver Sun

pochette album Bad haircut
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Date de parution : 12/12/2009

Durée : 0:02:4

Style : Rock

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All the little children, can you see them?
Yes, they are all sleeping
Professor yaffle spoils your fun
Sunday's always boring, boring
Sitting on the toilet, waiting to come
I got a cut below that rest
Depends on the cover when it's hot, i'm not
Rain creeps into the drains
And tell her the fact that she's so matter of fact
Bye, bye, bye-bye, bye, bye-bye
A bad haircut your gut feels like
You've eaten much too much
Clear up the dishes and start to fly, fly
"the two of you, out together, out walking
I'm back to my old tricks, stalking, stalking, stalking"
(repeat chorus two times)

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