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Date de parution : 18/12/2012

Durée : 0:03:44

Style : Rock

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Gasoline lips and a propane heart
Lookin for a lover to catch that spark
Heroine hips and cocaine mind
Taste a little bit until she takes your live

Its just shame shame shame
That i never learned the rules to your game
I took the blame blame blame
For letting you take everything but my name

It was bad idea
To let you love me
Bad idea
It was a bad idea
To let you have me
Bad idea
Bad idea!

Suicide messiah on a solo crusade
Saved me from myself until i started going crazy
Messing with my mind because you made me wanna thrill
Lesson learned in time i shouldve learned to quit you


I dont know why i stuck around your lies this long
But now that ive got you figured out im long long gone

Pre chorus

Bad idea and out!

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