Paroles de Bad luck and trouble

Johnny Winter

pochette album Bad luck and trouble
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Date de parution : 15/02/2005

Durée : 0:03:42

Style : Blues

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I believe that bad luck and trouble
Man is all that joins hands

They might bad luck and trouble
People that's all that joins us

When my bad luck quit me
Lord my trouble just began
I'm travelin' the so highway
Then since i was a child
Nobody see no woman man
Nobody seems to care

Bad luck and trouble
Man that's all that joins me

When my bad luck quit me
Straight man my trouble just began
Lord i'm sittin' down and thinkin'
Man i'm a long, long ways from home
Just sittin' down and thinkin'
Because i'm a long, long way from home

Think about all my good times
Lord and the friends i once knew
Ain't never hurt nobody
Ain't never done nobody wrong
Other people won't accept me they say
"man leave me alone"

Sittin' down and thinkin'
Lord i'm a long, long way from home
Thinkin' about my good times
Man and the friends i once knew
Been a long time man, yeah

Man ain't nobody has this trouble
Ain't gonna tell nobody else
Nobody else has trouble
Man, ain't gonna tell nobody else
My whole life i'm livin' baby
Gonna make it by myself

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