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Date de parution : 07/12/2010

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Rock

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I'm laying in bed
With a lit cigarette
Can't say if last night
Was a blonde or brunette

Megawatts is on the phone
Keeps blowing me up
And there's three shots of whiskey
In my coffee cup

I'm a bad mutha fucka, heeh
I'm a bad mutha fucka
(i'm a bad mutha fucka! hehehe)

I can polish off a bottle
In the blink of an eye
I can drink all night
And not pay a dime

Just to soon kick your ass
As i take a piss
Fuck, even chuck norris
Don't want none of this

I'm a bad mutha fucka (hehe)

I can pick up any chick
I meet at the bar
I can even take the one
Right off of your arm

I got a woman at home
Got a kid on the way
I got a girl in new york
And four more in l.a.

I'm a bad mutha fucka
(mutha fucka, hehehe)
I'm a bad mutha fucka (hehe)

I got hookers by the hand
Four-five at a time
But they're the ones paying me
By the end of the night

Pimps hunt me down
And try to get the cash
And then me and samuel jackson
Bust a cap in their ass

We're bad mutha fuckas (h

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