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Peyoti For President

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Date de parution : 29/03/2009

Durée : 0:03:23

Style : World

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Jump up with ovation take it to the nation re-plant the plantation discredit all convention,
Hypocrites - bad politics,
Ah with the hand, in the hand, of the man, in the stand, in command, with the gun in his hand, & the plan of world supremacy - corrupt authority.

Jump up to the show-down listen to the low-down, wana lift me up when i go to go down yeh, yeh
I got shoots in my boots n i'm gonna cut loose with a howl & a woop n a scoop oop d' oop so - so please don't shoot..
Ah watch me boogaloogaloo as i'm coming after you.

You're gonna feel the sensation of bones that i'm breakin' i strip em like hit men i eat em like cavemen hhhmmm delicioso..!
I've forgotton more things then i care to remember, your lies i despise manifesto agenda words, words words words'

Words from the mouth like the spew that you spout so we're heading on up and we're heading on out over ground, yeh yeh
Got a hoop and a hip an i'm wiggling ma hip gonna give you some jip as i shoot from the lip my zen - and take it round again..

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